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What is 'The Broken Binding Subscription’ and how does it work?


We believe that our subscription runs a little differently from most that are currently on the market. Instead of producing a special edition of a new title every month, we concentrate on one favourite back-list series at a time. We aim to keep the majority of the series' that we choose no bigger than a trilogy. This helps us to keep the titles fresh and allows us to bring about something new every few months. We produce one special edition title in the selected series each month until the set is complete and then the next series begins the following month. We may feature the occasional stand-alone title. 


The subscription is £30 + postage and packaging per month. We will re-evaluate this price if we are able to reduce these costs at any point as our business grows. Subscribers are charged once each month on the same day and time that they originally purchased their subscription. Each payment is one month in advance with the intended book being delivered the following month. Once you have received delivery of the first book in a series, subscribers are committed to completing that series. We announce each upcoming series one month in advance. That means that you will know what the upcoming series of books will be during the final month’s payment of the previous series. This provides you with a one-month period in which to decide whether you would like to either continue your subscription, use your one series-skip for the upcoming series or to cancel your subscription with us. Subscribers will be afforded the chance to skip one series every 12 months without being removed from the subscription service. Any extra sets left from those that choose to skip a series will be placed into general sale at a higher price point than that offered to subscribers. If you choose to leave the subscription service at any time, your place will not be held as it will be offered to the next in line on the waitlist. 

Please note that we are more than understanding of any changes in circumstances and encourage all of our customers to reach out and contact us to make alternate arrangements where necessary if needed. 

Your subscription lasts for a 12-month period. Those that are still subscribed at the end of their subscription period will be offered to retain their spot on the subscription for the following 12-month period and so on.

If any subscribers wish to use their one-series skip (per 12-month sign-up period) or to cancel their subscription, you will need to email us at We will then pause and/or cancel your subscription and refund payments where necessary.


Please contact us if you need to amend any payment details or to update any shipping information.


Due to the high volume of stock per month, we use a fulfillment centre to issue our subscription and special edition titles. All books retain our special edition wrapping, are well parcelled in bubble-wrap and are packaged in our branded boxes. UK postage and packaging is £4. International rates are determined by location. We have received emails asking if we would be able to place titles to one side to send as a complete set at the end of the series run. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer this option with the switch to a fulfillment centre for these releases. 


Book Specifications


  • All books have a dust jacket!

  • Books will be signed and numbered*. 

  • Foil embossing on the naked hardback.  

  • Sprayed edges (we will be requesting digitally sprayed/stencilled edges where possible). 

  • Extra goodies where possible (bookmarks/maps/artcards etc). 


We will also be making inquiries towards possible bonus content and alternative covers where possible. 


*Subscribers will be allocated a number that they will receive for each release whilst remaining part of the subscription service (this will still be honoured if you choose to skip a series). If you choose to leave the subscription service and then re-join at a later date you will not be guaranteed the number of your original subscription. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to honour any requests for specific numbers. 


Additional Bonuses For Subscribers


  • Pre-order access on select exclusive editions we may release. These may come in the form of special editions of new releases and possibly mini-subscriptions for longer running series. In these instances, we will attempt to match subscription numbers where possible when requested. 

  • Occasional exclusives such as free shipping and discount codes to be used on any other items purchased outside of the subscription service. 

  • Occasional flash sales on selected stock outside of the subscription service exclusive to subscribers. 


Please be aware that all orders remain subject to our Damaged Stock Criteria.

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